The BAFA Team

Michel Goossens
Head of Training – Flight Instructor – Air Force Pilot F16

Raymond Cannaerts
Chief Flight Instructor – Air Force Pilot Alpha jet and Marchetti – Flight Examinor

Patrick Liesse
Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor and link to Airlines – Airline Pi

Chris Van Strydonk
Safety and Compliance Manager

Marina Lenaerts
Office & Finance Manager – Responsible PPL Training – Commercial Pilot

Instructor Team
Our team of instructors counts over 40 Flight Instructors and 25 Theoretical Knowledge Instructors

All our instructors are active Airline or Air Force pilots providing added value to your Theoretical and Practical Flight Training. This allows us to maintain high instruction and training standards.


The Drone University Team

Jochen Walschaers

Head of Drone Instruction – Commercial Pilot – Flight Instructor