Private Pilot License

The Private pilot (PPL) course offered by BAFA meets the requirements of the international JAR-FCL regulations.

This course comprises both a theoretical and practical module and prepares candidates for the tests to obtain a Private Pilot’s license. The Private Pilot’s License (PPL) offers the opportunity to fly an aircraft for both recreational trips and travel purposes outside commercial aviation.

The training consists of a theoretical and practical part. The PPL theory course comprises 120 course hours, supplemented by a number of CBT (Computer Based Training) hours, depending on the individual requirements of the trainee. For this training, we use the Private Pilot instruction books published by BAFA. These books can be considered the standard works in Flanders. Almost all clubs and schools use these publications. BAFA also ensures that these books are constantly kept up to date. The subject matter corresponds to the JAR-FCL PPL syllabus with the following subjects:

Regulations and ATC procedures

Aircraft general knowledge

Flight performance and planning

Flight planning and flight operations

Aviation physiology and psychology



Operational procedures

Principles of flight


General flight safety

The course is held in our classrooms at Antwerp Airport. The lessons start as soon as sufficient candidates have registered. A full alternative offered by BAFA is the “VIRTUAL PILOT SCHOOL”. This is a computer-supported self-tuition course recognized by the Directorate-General Aviation, where students communicate with their personal theory instructor at BAFA though the Internet. The examinations are taken at exam sessions organized by the Directorate-General Aviation in its rooms in Brussels.

Candidates who whish to start the practical module of the Private Pilot training must be at least 16 years old and have medical approval. The practical training starts after candidates have completed at least the first phase (approximately two months) of the theory or finished the first two modules of the VPS. This covers the minimum knowledge required to efficiently undertake practical training.

The practical training will comprise at least 45 flying hours and last at least four months. The duration can be adjusted to match the requirements of each trainee, but also depends on a number of external factors, the weather being one of the most important. For holders of a glider or helicopter license, the training can be shortened by a maximum of 10 hours.

There are no specific admission requirements. Before being definitively admitted to the training, candidates must be in possession of a class 2 medical examination certificate.

Duration of the training depends on the availability of the candidate.

Before candidates can take their first solo flight they must be 16 years old. The practical PPL examination may only be taken from age 17.

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