Airline Pilot – Integrated (ATPL-I)2

The integrated Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL (A) training entails academic training being optimally integrated with the practical training. This training aims to train students with no or limited flying experience in one continuous cycle to become skilled professional pilots with the necessary qualifications for a position as “First Officer” (Co-pilot) in commercial aviation.

Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Training


  • Aviation law
  • General knowledge of aircraft technology and avionics
  • General navigation and radio navigation
  • Flight planning and flight operations
  • General meteorology and climatology
  • Aviation medicine and psychology
  • Aerodynamics
  • Operations and safety
  • Radio communication


The theory training ends with examinations organized by the Aviation Directorate-General. The minimum score required to pass is 75%.


All the different types of training involve the same practical training of at least 215 flying hours, 40 hours of which are performed in a procedure simulator (FNPT II) and 20 hours in a Boeing 737 NG (FNPT II XJ) simulator. This practical training puts the emphasis on aspects including procedures as used by the different airline companies. This way, students not only acquire the necessary skills to fly an aircraft in a correct and safe way but also obtain a broad understanding of the way commercial aviation works.


The MCC/JOC section is an integral part of this course, performed on a Boeing 737NG-type simulator.


Most of our experienced instructors are active or retired airline transport pilots (commercial pilots) whose aim is to pass on their many years of experience in commercial aviation to the students.



Target group


Students having recently finished their secondary education with the ambition of becoming an Airline Transport Pilot, or slightly older candidates who have already completed other studies or have professional experience and wish to change their career and follow the complete course of training on a part-time day basis (minimum 3 days / week during maximum 36 months).



IMPORTANT : Students have the option to combine their studies with an external part-time employment. BAFA offers assistance and coaching on request. Different billing schemes can be offered according to the needs/possibilities of the student.




Course start



Each cousre starts mid September and mid Februari. The exact dates are published on the BAFA website or can be obtained via the BAFA head office.



Admission requirements


Minimum age 17 years and preferably not older than 32 years. You have to be in possession of an ASO/TSO/BSO diploma or equivalent (Belgian or foreign). No prior flying experience is required.




Duration of the training




Normally 24 months with a maximum extension to 36 months.


To register for this course please check our calendar. For more information you can Contact Us