Flight Instructor Course

One of the most fascinating and challenging jobs in the world of aviation, is that of an instructor. Teaching elementary flying skills to aspiring pilots or teaching procedures and passing on knowledge to more advanced pilots demands great insight and knowledge on the part of instructors. BAFA offers candidates the opportunity to acquire these skills during the Flight Instructor (FI) course. The course provided by BAFA fully meets the requirements in the EASA regulations. The course comprises both a theoretical and practical module and prepares candidates for the tests to obtain the qualification of Flight Instructor (FI).

The theory module comprises 125 course hours over approximately four months. The course is held in our classrooms at Antwerp Airport and comprises three phases:

  • Teaching theory.
  • Applied instruction techniques “Theory instruction” (PPL level).
  • Applied instruction techniques “Long Briefings” (PPL level).

During this period, the trainees must prepare a number of “Theory lessons” and “Long Briefings” that they then present to their fellow students. The theory examination is an oral examination before a committee of examiners appointed by the Directorate-General Aviation. During this examination candidates must give a theory class or a briefing. They are also orally examined on their knowledge of the subject matter. The examination takes place in our rooms in Antwerp.

Before being able to start the practical module of the Flight Instructor (FI) course candidates must at least have completed the first phase (Instruction theory) of the theory training. Further practical training runs parallel to the theory training (practical ground instruction and briefings). The practical training comprises at least 30 flying hours and consists of instruction flights during which students are taught the necessary instruction skills.

The practical examination is taken in Antwerp, on the same day as the theory examination. If a candidate is successful, there is the possibility to complete the legally compulsory period of a 100 course hours under the supervision of an experienced BAFA instructor. BAFA also offers “IFR Instructor” and “Multi Engine Instructor” courses for FIs complying with the legal conditions required to train for this additional rating. Suitable candidates can obtain the necessary information from the BAFA secretariat.

Course start:

Throughout the whole year. Start dates can be obtained from the BAFA Calendar.

Admission requirements:

  • Holder of at least a CPL(A) or;
  • Holder of at least a PPL(A) with:
    – CPL(A) Theory
    – 200hr total time of which 150hr as Pilot In Command
  • Has flown 30hr SEP of which 5hr during the 6 months preceding the pre-entry flight test
  • Minimum level 4 ELP
  • Holder of a valid medical certificate

Admission tests:

Before being admitted to the course, candidates must have passed an “Pre-Entry Flight Test” organized by BAFA as provided for in the EASA regulations.

To register for this course please check our calendar. For more information you can Contact Us.