Multi-Crew Cooperation Training

BAFA offers airline pilot candidates, who trained on a modular basis, various MCC training (Multi Crew Cooperation) courses as stipulated in the EASA regulations.

MCC training is mandatory before starting the first type rating course . Successful completion of this training is therefore essential before you apply as a pilot (First Officer) with an airline.

MCC course options include Basic (identical to the integrated ATPL course) or Expanded courses. Students who have registered for an integrated training, can upgrade their Basic MCC to Expanded MCC.

In the MCC Recurrent training we refine your MCC skills. This is thé ideal preparation for a simulator test as part of the selection procedure commonly used by airlines.

Basic MCC

The Basic MCC Training at BAFA consists of a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part deals with the specific procedures relating to the cooperation of the crew in multi crew situation (MCC and CRM).

The duration of the theoretical part is at least 25 hours teaching in class, spread over three days.

The practical part is executed on a flight simulator of a Boeing 737 NG (FNPT II XJ MCC simulator). This training includes a minimum of 20h, 10h as PF (Pilot Flying) and 10h as PNF (Pilot Non-Flying). This enables the candidate to acquire the necessary skills to act as crew of an airliner, but he will also get familiar with his future work environment.

The course ends with an internal review and after successful completion of this training by BAFA he will receive a EASA-approved certificate.

Target group
Holders of a Professional Pilot License (CPL) with a rating for multi-engine aircraft (ME) and Instrument Rating (IR) and a frozen ATPL who aspire a position as First Officer.

Start of the lesson cycle
All year round, starting dates are listed in the calendar on this website or to ask the secretariat via .

Admission requirements
Before being admitted to this training, you must be in possession of a CPL with IR and ME rating, and have passed the ATPL theoretical exam.

Duration of training
Depending on the availability of the candidate.

To register for this course please check our calendar. For more information you can Contact Us