Modular Instrument Rating


The IFR training program is an intense instructional course that leads to the “IR(A)” rating. This rating enables a pilot to fly an aircraft in weather conditions not suitable for visual navigation.
BAFA offers the opportunity te earn this rating on a single- or multi-engine aircraft.

Target Group

This course is designed for holders of a PPL or CPL who wish to enlarge their knowledge and skills with the Instrument Rating qualification.

Admission requirements

  • Hold a PPL or a CPL license
  • Possess a Medical Certificate, Class 1 or Class 2 (IR checked).
Structure of the training program


The theoretical module is given in a DISTANCE Learning environment. The courses are studied via self-tuition in addition to a limited number of hours of “presence learning” or classical instruction to be followed according to the schedule below:

Hours Classical / Self-tuition

  • Air Law: 6 / 40
  • Airframe & Systems/Electronics: 3 / 32
  • Instruments: 3 / 24
  • Flight Planning & Monitoring: 3 / 24
  • Human Performance & Limitations: 6 / 56
  • Meteorlogy: 6 / 64
  • General Navigation: 6 / 16
  • Radio Navigation: 6 / 64
  • IFR Communication: 3 / 16

The dates of these presence-learning sessions can be found on our website and/or by inquiring at

Candidates who have already successfully completed the IFR or ATPL theory examinations are exempt from following the theoretical module.

Practical training

The practical training module consists of:

  • 18 hours of classical, practical briefings, followed by
  • 50 hours of flight instruction, 30 of these hours in a Simulator FNPTII and 20 hours in a Piper Warrior or Seminole (Glass Cockpit)

A 10 hour credit can be given to candidates who already hold a CPL license or are in possesion of a Certificate of Basic Instrument Flight.

To register for this course please check our calendar. For more information you can Contact Us