After Care


During Covid-times we realize more than ever the importance of continuity and proficiency in keeping your skills up to date. This will not only help you to renew your licence on a yearly basis but also keeps you fit and current for future prospects. At BAFA we are aware of this and provide the necessary rehearsal and professional training for licenced pilots.


Our Target audience:

All pilots who have recently finished their training and willing to maintain their skills and ratings at a reasonable price. BAFA offers an after care program on a professional real-life flight-simulator type FNPT-II (PA28/PA34 and A320). Sharpen your skills for a future line-check, job interview, IFR training, glass-cockpit experience, Jet-performance or Multi Crew operations.


Continuity is key. We’re convinced our after care program provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to renew your license on a yearly basis. 

This package includes: 

  • 6 hours of simulator time,
  • an experienced instructor for high quality training during each session,
  • Single Engine Piston or Multi Engine Piston according to your preference. 

Session 1: FNPTII SE-IR or ME-IR (1h)
Session 2: FNPTII SE-IR or ME-IR (1h)
Session 3: FNPTII SE-IR or ME-IR (1h)
Session 4: FNPTII SE-IR or ME-IR (1h)
Session 5: FNPTII SE-IR or ME-IR (1h)
Session 6: FNPTII SE-IR or ME-IR (1h) 

Price: € 750,- VAT included.  

Focus on the future and stay qualified in a multi crew environment. Airlines require proficient pilots to fly smooth, precise and to work as a crew.

Our Line Oriented After Care program will sharpen your skills and includes: 

  • 10 hours of simulator time
  • an experienced MCC-instructor for high quality training in a multi crew environment during each session
  • a jet aircraft configuration based on the performance of an Airbus A320

Session 1: FNPTII BE-022 (2h)
Session 2: FNPTII BE-022 (2h)
Session 3: FNPTII BE-022 (2h)
Session 4: FNPTII BE-022 (2h) 
Session 5: FNPTII BE-022 (2h)  

Total price:       

€ 1250,- single VAT included.
          (If you don’t have a  “flight buddy”, we will provide you an alternative to offer you the multi crew concept)            

€ 1950,- dual VAT included (€ 975,- per pilot).
          (If you have a flight buddy to accompany you , each pilot receives a discount.)

Not everyone is in need of a full service package. Some pilots only require a sporadic rehearsal flight. Therefore we offer a customized alternative to book a training on your demand.

Each training you book includes:

  • Rental of a professional FNPTII simulator.
  • An experienced instructor for high quality training to your needs.
  • Single Engine Piston configuration or, 
  • Multi Engine Piston configuration or,
  • MCC jet-aircraft configuration. 

Price: € 140,- VAT included / hour 

Discount: 10 session + 1 session for free!

More info coming soon! Standby.