BAFA - Meet Bafa

BAFA is  the leading ATO in Belgium. We have a proven track record of supplying excellent pilots to all major airlines in Europe.

BAFA combines over 30 years of experience in training professional pilots with a modern, dynamic and professional approach. As a result, BAFA has grown to become the most important Training Organisation on the Belgian market.

With a dedicated team of Aviation Training  professionals, an unparalleled fleet of 11 Piper aircraft , two flight simulators and two Offices in Belgium -   Antwerp and Ostend, BAFA is the leading Aviation Training Organisation in Belgium.

BAFA alumni can be found flying with many airlines, flying a variety of aitrplanes from small private jets up to and including the very newest Dreamliner.

The reputation of BAFA as an innovative, high quality  training provider has lead to unique relationships with organisations such as the MInistry of Defense, Jetairfly, Vives and the Florida Institute of Technology.

BAFA offer five routes to become a pilot:

ATPL-S : a 24 month course in Belgium that includes all theory and flight training in one integrated training program

ATPL + : a 4 year course that combines the aviation training with a Bachelor's degree - in cooperation with Vives

ATPL Modular:  the "classic" modular courses PPL, Night VFR, IR, CPL, MCC

JetairFly cadet Pilot Program: work and study. Become pilot at Jetairfly.

ATPL International High intensity, fast track modular program of 18 months, of which 9 in the USA.

In addition to this Bafa provides:

Flight Instructor: learn how to train future pilots.

FAA to EASA conversion courses. Conversion of FAA licenses to the equivalent EASA license.

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