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U-Drone is the spin-off that grew out of our Drone University under the instruction of experienced pilots from commercial aviation. U-Drone offers the best of our alumni the opportunity to knock themselves out operationally and commercially … for U (read: You).
The structure, know-how and the Operations Manuals (of Belgium – Netherlands – Luxembourg and France) from BAFA are made available to them.

U-Drone is active in 2 areas in the Benelux and France:


Strategic cooperation SGS and BAFA for RPAS inspections

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) – more commonly known as drones – are drastically changing the market for technical and other inspections. Using RPAS, inspection of inaccessible or difficult places are safer and faster. Also they provide a treasure of digital information. As market leader in inspection, analysis and certification, SGS Belgium anticipated this change. Especially for RPAS-inspections it signed a strategic agreement with BAFA, Belgium’s leading Approved Training Organisation for aviation. With decades of experience in training professional and leisure pilots and its expertise in aviation regulations and procedures, BAFA most certainly is a solid partner of SGS.

Safer and faster
At great heights, in enclosed spaces or in dangerous situations, inspections using RPAS are safer and faster than manned inspections. Even in complete darkness, inside installations or in storage tanks, an RPAS does its job. During the whole process, the inspector remains at a safe distance. Often, there is even no need to shut installations down. Cameras and other detection systems collect very detailed data from the air for one time inspections or for periodic checks to map out differences.

Recording techniques for every research question
There are RPAS techniques for virtually every research question. Visual inspections are done by means of HD-cameras able to zoom in on the slightest detail. Infrared cameras are used to detect heat leaks indicating bad insulation or a short circuit, whereas highly sensitive sniffers are used to detect gas leaks. Recordings from RPAS are so accurate that they can even be used for stockpile measuring or mapping large areas.

Data collection and reporting in accordance with the applicable legislation
U-Drone disposes of a wide range of recording technologies and types of RPAS. Fully qualified and certified drone pilots use these to collect vast amounts of data in high resolution. It is the expertise of SGS to analyse all that information and to translate it into clear reports. In this way, the cooperation between BAFA and SGS guarantees the entire project of RPAS inspections from the risk analysis and the permits prior to the inspection all the way to the final reports in accordance with the legislation in force.

A means, not an aim in itself …
As the world’s leading inspection, verification, analysis and certifying organization, SGS has been making inspections for years and knows the processes to the core. These processes are obviously disrupted as little as possible while using new and traditional techniques to collect information for thorough research. RPAS inspections provide a beautiful method to do so. No aim in itself but rather a means to answer each specific research question as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Recordings for:

Media and Journalism
Events (such as Drone Racing, sports events, concerts…)
Real Estate and Progress of Building Works
Security Services and Police Assignments
Search & Rescue Operations (SAR)
Humanitarian Services

Emergency Deliveries
3D Cartography

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