Behind the scenes, BAFA is working hard to further improve our relationship with airlines and thereby increase the career opportunities for BAFA students. We would like to announce a career opportunity for BAFA studends at an undisclosed Danish Company opperating ATR 43/45/75/76.

The most recent ab-initio pilots received a company funded type rating with a bond of 3 years. You are expected to fly between 400 and 500hrs a year on a 2 weeks on/2 weeks off basis. Positioning flights from home base (BRU/CRL/AMS/CDG) are company funded and selected candidates receive a salary as from the start of their Type Rating.

Are you interested in this opportunity, then do not hesitate to contact your Chief Theoretical Knowledge instructor and provide him with your cv and cover letter. Candidates who want to be coached on cv and cover letter or during their application process can also contact Tom Meeus.